Sometimes they drive me crazy

Today is such a day. Woke up in the morning and everything is fine. Did my morning routine (boil water, ironing etc) while the Daddy lay in bed a little while more. After having his milk he needed to poo. Told the Daddy to help him while I went downstairs to continue the rest of my morning routine. And then I heard it, the shouting battle between those two.

I just don’t understand why. Ethan can be so fussy with Daddy at times resulting in raised voices from both parties. It drives me up the wall to see both of them like that. There was once after listening to both of them bickering with the Daddy saying Ethan is very stubborn not listening to him, I took Ethan away and questioned him what went wrong. He answered, “Daddy doesn’t listen to me”.

Ethan makes my blood boil at times and surely I raised my voiced at him too. It will all end in silence as I’m very good at giving silent treatment. I will just seized to speak when I’m angry and keep quiet for a prolonged time. Ethan will always end up admitting he is naughty but if I question him again he will softly say that we don’t listen to him.

It breaks my heart each time this situation arise. I told Ethan directly that I do not want to stay home to look after him anymore. I want to go out and work. I don’t want all these fighting!

When I sit down and reflect on what just happened each time after we fight, I realised that each time Darling and I raised our voice, it sends the wrong signal to Ethan; it taught Ethan that it’s ok to shout to release anger. Hence he’ll shout too the next time he is angry. We expect him to listen to us because we are superior, but he wants to be heard too no matter how inferior he is.

I get angry and scold Ethan upon his mischief. I think it’s alright because I’m with him 24/7. And then the Daddy who spends lesser time with Ethan came home and ended up arguing with him pisses me off. Why? Because I thought that he’s supposed to be the GOOD one. What I did not see is that, the Daddy had a tiring day outside working and when he gets home, instead of getting some rest, the first thing Ethan did was to get his attention. Ethan can be really impatient at times resulting in those fights.

And when they fight I got agitated as I’ve had a long day with Ethan alone and all I need was some rest and peace now that the Daddy is home but all I got is more fights…

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    Well, Ethan is at his at growing stage I suppose. Be patient, perhaps give and take. :)
    Things will be fine, maybe it’s just parts and parcels of raising a family. Cheer up!

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    Don’t get stress up……cool down!

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    Sometimes, they drive me nuts too! I have to work and hope that my hubby will take care of Calvin just for a while so I can go downstairs to bathe Hebe gal…ended make me more frust. E.g: I told my hubby to help me to bathe Calvin…When I finished and was hoping to see Calvin already put on his clothes and i can have some lil sweet time to take my shower. Somehow..I still see my hubby lying down the bed, Calvin still at the potty. I asked them why not yet take bath and bla bla bla…. daddy said ” I asked him to take bath, he asked to wait for mummy.” Calvin said “Daddy said wait for a while”. So who am I suppose to listen?

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    Educating your kids requires a lot of patience la, who doesn’t quarrel with their parents before ? Jia You :P

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    Cool down, Merryn….Yeah, it’s not easy to stay at home 24hours per day alone….We just have to be patient…boys can be naughty sometimes and hyper active, if they are not, then we will be getting worried…Don’t stress,ya….

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    Totally understand how you feel dear…. kids these age don’t really know how to express their emotions sometimes, and of course they are humans after all.. being shouted at, they definitely get defensive… it’s human nature! *hugs* breathe in breathe out………….

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    What you described here sounded so familiar to me. It happened in my house too. I fight with the kids, I fight with the husband, husband fights with the kids, kids fights with us, kids fights among themselves. Normal la! After fight was over, we talked to each other again. Don’t bring arguement to the next day. Let it come easy and go easy. We will sure get better and better in handling our emotions

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    Men!!! Can’t live with them, can;t live without them… Hehehehehehe!!!!

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    Yeah, they sure do drive us crazy but make us so very happy also at the same time. I understand your predicament and your need to rant. Rant all you want. Hopefully you feel better by now.

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    Dun worry….you are not alone…except you have a boy and I have 2 girls.

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    It’s normal lah. I guess in every household with kids around, it’s impossible for us parents to not raise our voice. How to tahan??

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    My hubb and kids drive me crazy, too. The children fight among themselves; the adults get into argument, follows by cold war for several days. It’s not healthy but we can’t avoid it as we are trying to be a better person/mother/father/child.

    Take things easy and loosen up – rant it here. We’re listening :)

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    I think it’s perfectly normal……

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    to argue sometimes..

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    I can’t tahan n ALWAYS (yes, always >.<) raise my voice to Sam and hubby :(

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    Fights are part and parcel of a family. Fights is just one way of letting out one’s frustration. Settle the fight the same day and do not bring it to the next and next day.

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